Why School Leader Coaching

Unfortunately, many school leaders find themselves at or near the “edge of the cliff”. They are faced with increased demands in an ever-changing educational arena.

School leaders maintain order throughout the school, evaluate large numbers of teachers and staff, analyze substantial amounts of data, and meet the demands of hundreds of families. Additionally, leaders are charged with providing support and interventions to students falling behind, developing and implementing school improvement strategies, and closing the achievement gap. Nevertheless, highly successful school leaders realize their personal and professional effectiveness and satisfaction as a leader, is crucial to their long-term success.


 Ongoing reflection is an important activity for school leaders as they review progress, identify new areas of focus, and ensure efforts are strategic and purposeful. Coaching, whether for accelerating growth, eliciting new perspectives, or creating new systems and structures - provides enhanced leadership skills, increased productivity, and a professional relationship that will ensure the attainment of your goals.

  • Are you ready to explore ideas, experiment and work through action plans to achieve goals faster than you would on your own?

  • Could you benefit from a professional who will help you stay on track and hold you accountable?

  • Do you want to grow in your leadership but are unsure how?

  • Could you use some help in dealing with stress, burn-out and the feeling of overwhelm?

  • Do you value collaboration and different points of view?

  • Do you want greater direction, clarity and focus?

  • Is it time to let go of past leadership struggles to open the door to new and exciting opportunities?

  • Are you willing to accept input from someone who will encourage you, challenge you and offer you objective feedback?


You are an excellent candidate for coaching if you’ve answered yes to three or more of these questions.

Effective change is not something you do to people. It’s something you do with them.


Ken Blanchard



is coaching

for you?


Michael Gaither’s professional coaching sessions changed the way I do my work. He provided a refreshing new perspective that helped me take a step back and have a 360-degree overview of my leadership style, my organizational culture and the kind of methodology a leader needs to be effective. Through Michael’s powerful and thought-provoking questioning, I was able to assess critical leadership skills and apply new actions in areas where I needed to grow as a leader. His coaching is focused on pushing principals to reach their full potential, and he provided concrete, actionable applications that have made me a better leader.


Christian De La Oliva, Principal


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