Leadership Team Coaching

Leadership teams who fail to work together effectively often contribute to:

  • Conflict that permeates your school environment

  • A significant decline in staff morale

  • An increase in staff turnover

  • A decrease in performance and results

  • A lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities

  • An environment filled with excuses

  • Distrust among team members

  • A lack of commitment

  • An absence of purpose and direction


Highly successful school leaders realize a group of intelligent individuals does not always equal a highly successful leadership team. They recognize teams must be intentional when considering responsibilities, results, and relationships. We work with school leadership teams by customizing a coaching program highly focused on organizational system coaching strategies and tools. These are proven techniques that improve team practices and interpersonal skills - resulting in strong, productive relationships within your group or team.

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Michael Gaither has been an invaluable resource to our administrative leadership team at Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College. In my role as assistant principal I can always depend upon his candid feedback regarding the policies and procedures that I have sought to implement in our math, special education and counseling departments. His vast experience at all levels of the educational system affords him the type of insight to ask probing questions which has assisted me in avoiding pitfalls and to focus upon depth of ideals instead of breadth.


Jacque Scales, Assistant Principal

Effective teams get results by:

  • Creating unity of purpose

  • Developing self-awareness around current team operations

  • Defining roles and responsibilities

  • Clarifying team goals

  • Creating the right plan of action

  • Establishing a culture that allows for open communication

  • Developing structures and processes – coordination, communication, cohesion, delegation, decision-making, conflict management, performance feedback


After our leadership team coaching engagement you can expect:

  • Enhancement of team strengths and skills

  • Increased confidence to accept new challenges and responsibilities within the team

  • Committed and empowered teams

  • Increased commitment and understanding of the team and school vision

  • Improved working relationships between team members

  • Increased productivity

  • A positive and healthy culture where staff encourage and support each other

  • Improved communication and clarity around projects, deliverables and responsibilities

  • Improved team morale

  • Increased accountability for team plans, goals and outcomes

  • Shared responsibility