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EdView Consulting, LLC became a reality as a result of the challenges I faced during my career in education. As teacher, principal and district level administrator, I experienced firsthand the needs for improving school culture, school leadership and effective learning. As early as 2000, when I began my first job as a school leader, I recognized the need for someone with whom I could consult. I had mentors at the time, but I needed a coach. I needed a safe place to discuss issues, demands and the difficult decisions that were now my responsibility.


Instead of finding answers, I found myself talking to other school leaders – leaders who were also trying to figure out their jobs. I’d work through certain situations, only to find myself mired in another. There HAD to be a better way. Even though the world was changing, I felt that the experience of former leaders could have helped me avoid pitfalls and ensure more successes. And thus, an idea starting forming in my mind. One day. . .


EdView Consulting, LLC was formed to support school leaders. But since its inception, we’ve added techniques to support three different clientele:

  • Individual School Leaders

  • School Leadership Teams

  • New Onboarding Leaders


My success as both assistant and principal in various schools since the year 2000 has been the deciding factor in the development of my company, EdView Consulting. During my career, it was often my responsibility to ensure the success of students and staff. To that end, it became apparent that the best results were achieved when we initiated programs designed to build leadership in these schools. We began by identifying and empowering existing school leaders. And then we set high expectations for all staff and students. We worked together to effectively implement school improvement strategies. With strong, decisive leaders, even low-performing schools enjoyed success. Our leadership efforts:

  • Improved school culture

  • Raised student achievement scores

  • Built sustainable school-wide structure, and

  • Created processes where achievement and growth thrived

Following 8 years of serving as principal at the elementary and secondary level, I moved to the Superintendent’s office - first as a Special Assistant and later as Executive Director. In these positions, I conducted need assessments and identified key priorities related to new schools and programs. I trained principals, instructional staff and school support staff on best practice and strategies related to secondary school reform. My duties included professional development, regional outreach planning, the development of student engagement programs, as well as organizing and facilitating school-wide parent, student and community meetings.


This education and leadership background led me to the decision to start my own company, EdView Consulting. As a leadership consultant and coach, I help school leaders overcome obstacles and tap into their inner strengths and talents. Together, we achieve success. Our powerful conversations help leaders recognize where they are stuck. With my help, the leaders I work with define goals. And then we embark on an accelerated journey to achieve them.