What is coaching?

Coaching is about producing change by engaging in an ongoing professional relationship that enables you to perform at your peak. It’s perfect for school leaders who are trying to reinvent themselves in order to reach their full leadership potential. We help you to take action on your self-identified improvement goals. Through coaching you improve performance, enhance knowledge, and deepen your learning and self-awareness. During coaching sessions we discuss topics of your choice. Your coach spends much of the time listening, observing and asking probing and clarifying questions. The goal is to move you into action. Your success is predicated on your willingness to commit to new ways of doing business, as a means of getting to your desired destination.


How does coaching work?

Coaching entails a range of practices that provide a roadmap for your leadership growth and development. Coaching provides time for you to reflect on how you work with colleagues, how you prioritize goals and tasks, and how you react to challenging and stressful situations. Throughout the process, you will work with your thinking partner to gain new perspective of your challenges while creating a new roadmap to success.


A framework for our discussion may include the following steps:


  • Goal setting – Based on your challenges, what is your desired outcome?

  • Assessment – You share your current reality; what you’ve already tried; and factors that have affected your results. Your coach will ask questions to gain clarity.

  • Planning – Based on the information learned from the assessment, we develop action steps that will move your toward your goals.

  • Act – You put action items into practice. You experiment with newly learned behaviors and ideas.

  • Evaluate success – We review and monitor progress, making adjustments to your action plan until goals are met.


What are the main issues school leaders focus on during coaching?

School leadership coaching tends to focus on issues such as leadership development, prioritizing leadership and school goals, interpersonal and communication effectiveness, improving work-life balance, staff engagement and satisfaction, staff accountability, reducing stress, and the creation and implementation of the school’s vision.



What do you expect of the school leader?

  • Good coaching requires focus – you will need 45-60 minutes of uninterrupted time, so that you can give your full attention to the coaching session


  • Make every effort to keep appointments – our time is valuable


  • Complete your “homework” – you will have tasks and actions that you want to complete prior to our next coaching session


  • Be prepared – in order to get the most out of our coaching session, being prepared to discuss items on your self-made agenda is critical to maintaining the integrity of the coaching process


  • Allow time for reflection – after we’ve completed our coaching session, what were your “aha” moments? Your reflections are a critical component of your move to action.



What can I expect from the coach?

Your leadership coach will:

  • Maintain the highest level of personal integrity

  • Focus my efforts on helping you reach your maximum potential

  • Listen to understand your needs and desired outcomes

  • Motivate and inspire through a new and unbiased perspective

  • Provide you with honest and objective feedback

  • Challenge you and your team to move forward in a more intentional and strategic manner

  • Commit to being prepared and on-time for all coaching sessions



How soon should I expect results?

Clients almost always achieve results within the first few weeks of the coaching relationship. However, results are largely determined by the client’s needs, what they want to achieve, and their commitment to the full coaching process. Change takes time, but with a commitment to action you will experience long term results and a powerful leadership transformation.


What are the fees?

Fees vary based on the length of your coaching contract and the type of services you are requesting. Fee guidelines are provided upon request and we work with you to create a customized coaching plan that meets your needs.


How do I start?

Sign up for your 30 minute Complimentary Consultation to see if we are a good fit. During this session, we discuss your goals and leadership needs. If we determine that our work makes sense, we will schedule additional meetings moving forward. Click here to sign-up.