I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.


Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot


An article in Public Personnel Management reported a study where training alone increased productivity by 22 percent, while a combination of training and coaching increased productivity by 88 percent.

why invest in 


Your school leadership role is too important to leave to chance. Investing in a leadership coach will help you take control of your leadership future. Great leaders understand that dreaming accomplishes nothing without taking action! A coach is your partner who will help you achieve results in the areas of leadership that you want to work on. Whether your needs are focused on time management, prioritizing goals and tasks, planning and practicing difficult conversations, or developing your confidence to tackle and resolve conflicts - a leadership coach can guide you on your journey towards success.


The ICF Global Coaching Client Study (2009) provides a variety of statistics that support the positive work being done through coaching:

  • 70 percent of clients improved work performance

  • 80 percent of individuals have experienced a positive change in self-esteem/self-confidence as a result of partnering with a professional coach.

  • 83 percent of coaching clients reported being “very satisfied” with their coaching experience.

  • 96 percent of coaching clients indicated they would repeat the coaching process, given the same circumstances.

so what is a

coach anyway?

A leadership coach is similar to a personal trainer who helps you achieve your fitness goals. Consider a coach serving as a personal trainer for your leadership development. During the coaching process you will gain leadership muscle and strengthen your practice.


School leadership coaches help school leaders overcome obstacles and tap into their hidden strengths and talents in order to achieve success. Coaches are thinking partners who help leaders recognize where they are stuck, and how their dilemmas might be linked to personal barriers and blind spots. The leaders we work with define their goals and we embark on an accelerated journey to achieve them. Your coach will:

  • Help you unleash your full potential

  • Serve as your personal sounding board

  • Inspire you to respond to challenges with intention, clarity and commitment

  • Provide you with objective and honest feedback

  • Challenge your thinking and push for solutions

  • Save you time by increasing your efficiency

  • Provide powerful professional insights

  • Hold you accountable for achieving your desired goals

  • Build your confidence in your ability to handle challenging situations



I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable.


John Russell, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson Ltd.

The Process of School Leadership Coaching:

EdView leadership coaching, through one-on-one meetings and in-between practice, often includes:

  • Discovery and identification of your leadership needs and goals

  • Evaluation of the leader’s obstacles

  • Meetings, either in person or by telephone 2-4 times a month, to resolve challenges that may emerge, and to celebrate achievements

  • Unlimited access to phone and email support

  • Practice and assessment of newly learned leadership skills and behaviors

  • Evaluation of results

Investing in your own success is the best decision you can make! Are you ready to take your leadership to new heights? Check out my services that will help you explore your leadership practices through a different lens.

Individual School Leader Coaching: Achieve your maximum potential, receive objective feedback, gain clarity and focus


School Leadership Team Coaching: Develop committed and empowered teams, enhance team strengths and skills, increase accountability for team goals, responsibilities and outcomes


New Leader Onboarding: Accelerate transition and learning, improve performance and problem analysis, receive support with first year strategic planning