Thank you for visiting my blog! This is the beginning of a new journey for me. When I started my own school leadership and coaching business, I did it with the idea of being able to help others. My passion is leadership and all that comes with it. The purpose of my blog is to create a pathway for further conversation, reflection and new learning.

Is this blog for you?

Are you a school leader who enjoys reading about the experiences of other school leaders?

Do you need a little motivation to keep you focused on your leadership goals?

Are you an aspiring school leader wanting to get a taste of the challenges in leadership?

Are you a teacher who wonders what your school leaders talk about? And what keeps them up at night?

Are you a leader looking for tips that will make you more effective in your approach to every day tasks?

Are you a new school leader just trying to develop and build skills in your new role?

Are you looking to gain new leadership insight by learning from others who share your leadership experience?

Are you feeling alone on the leadership island and need to know if there are others who share in your struggle?

What will it look like?

You have come to a place where a variety of school leadership topics

will be presented in many different formats. You will learn from current practitioners and read reflections and interviews from school leaders. And of course, I will provide my best thinking along the way.

Why me?

As a former teacher, principal and district administrator, I understand and can relate to the challenges of school leadership. In my present job as a school leadership coach and consultant, I am in touch with school leaders on a daily basis. My job requires me to listen to current leadership challenges. I find out where leaders are stuck, and help them to overcome obstacles in their way. My blog is designed to share these experiences with YOU!

So now what?

Look forward to upcoming blog posts and provide comments along the way. This is an opportunity for school leaders to reflect and learn. School leadership requires an enormous amount of reflection. Let’s do it together.

First blog post on school leadership change coming soon!

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