Leadership Consulting

  • Are you being asked to lead or manage change within your school and you want support to get there?


  • Does your school need to change the way it’s operating to achieve better results?


  • Do you want to engage in a collaborative process to assist you with a specific project, opportunity or challenge?


  • Are you a school leader who wants to accelerate achievement while increasing staff engagement and school-wide productivity?

EdView Consulting provides a wide range of services to support change and drive school improvement. We will help you assess the current situation; develop a vision for the future; work through the strategic, cultural, and structural implications of change; and oversee implementation of the new plan. We focus on finding solutions. Whatever the issue – your goals and our plan, will result in your success.


The most successful school leaders understand and recognize the need for an objective point of view as they work to create sustainable change within their school environments. School leadership can be overwhelming and lonely. Investing in consulting services is a great way to get assistance with every day concerns that arise in your school. School improvement requires collaboration. We support you throughout your journey, as we focus on accomplishing your goals. 

How does it work?

Every school’s needs are different so we customize a process that meets your needs. Given that, the EdView Consulting process often includes the following phases:


  • Kickoff – We explore the problems, discuss expectations of leader and consultant, and set up first meetings with key stakeholders

  • Assessment – Interviews with key stakeholders and leaders to learn from their expertise and experience within the school community. Data gathered during this stage is shared with school leadership and can be useful in determining the next steps of our work.

  • Game Plan– We discuss and develop goals, we identify who needs to be involved, we determine responsibility for action items, and we develop a timeline.

  • Execution – School leadership is responsible for carrying out the agreed upon actions and roles.

  • Evaluation – We evaluate results compared with initial plans, make modifications if necessary, celebrate successes and review self-directed plan for post-consulting sustainability.


The level of thinking that got you where you are is not adequate to get you where you want to go next.


Albert Einstein


School Leadership consulting can increase performance in the areas of:

  • Strategic planning

  • Interpersonal skills – communication, listening, dealing with difficult people, conflict resolution, customer service

  • Time management and organizational skills

  • Team development and collaboration

  • Strategy implementation

  • Problem solving and analysis

  • Decision making

  • Organizational change

  • Staff engagement


As an administrator of a 6-12 early college school with nearly 1200 students, it is a huge responsibility to ensure the various needs of my staff, students and parents are met. Michael’s consultations have been an invaluable resource for me. His point of view, expertise and explicit approaches have been a tremendous help to my leadership team and me. I know that if there is a deficiency within my building, not only will Michael identify it quickly, but he will not rest until he finds a perfect solution that works best for everyone involved. With his support, our school has been able to accomplish goals faster than we would have been able to on our own. He takes pride in making a substantial difference and is relentless in all that he does.


Kimberly Grayson, Principal