School Leadership Coaching & Consulting

As educators and leaders, new demands and expectations can shift dramatically. From week to week, you may feel that you are trying to perform a magic act. Effective leadership eludes many people – including school leaders and organizations.


Whether coaching or consulting, EdView Consulting LLC provides a wide range of services to support change and drive school improvement.

here's how

we can help.


  • As a Coach, EdView Consulting can build skills, knowledge and capacity. More importantly, coaching can build the will to change.

  • As a Consultant, we’ll work with you to solve the problem. With your help, we’ll assess the situation and develop a vision for the future, initiate a plan and oversee implementation.


Understanding the processes involved with both services can help leaders recognize the value of an outside resource.

what makes
coaching effective?


In extremely anxious moments thought processes often shut down. You don’t have a plan or an idea. Coaching changes that. Coaching enables a safe situation where you are able to try out new ideas. You are able to access new knowledge and implement strategies. Coaching fosters an atmosphere where real reflection evolves into new ideas – and real learning can take place. You can take risks. Conversations thrive. Growth and new ideas are celebrated.


Coaching is a collaborative process that results in success. The learning that stems from coaching is applied more deeply on a daily basis. And it sticks with you. You apply what you’ve learned more frequently and consistently than before. Leaders who work with coaches have a greater capacity for reflection and a greater ability to apply learned skills to their work.

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assistance that

produces results.


Both coaching and consulting provide an objective point of view. They assist leaders in creating sustainable change. Both services require collaboration. Together, we create a situation where change can thrive and outcomes improve.

how does
consulting work?


EdView Consulting works directly with school leaders. We take a more hands on approach in solving your problems. We assess the situation with feedback from you and design a solution. Then we will help implement it and oversee the process and vision. Our focus is concentrated on this problem. While your input is vital, you are free to tackle other areas.


Working with Michael has been a most rewarding experience. My school was struggling with student behaviors disrupting the learning environment. Michael helped us put systems in place to hold students and staff accountable to our school wide agreements. He helped us balance discipline systems with positive celebrations linked to the behaviors we wanted to see. We saw how incremental changes led to the results we desired which built confidence in ourselves and our students. Michael’s motivation, inspiration and encouragement has helped us to feel comfortable while learning from his leadership expertise.


Lynn Hawthorne, Principal



Michael Gaither

 Chief Executive Officer

Coaching and Consulting are essential levers in transforming schools.


Here’s how we can help.


  • Individual Leadership Coaching. EdView Consulting can help accelerate achievement – and at the same time, increase staff engagement and school-wide productivity. Working together, the framework for success becomes clear as we build certain skills. Your focus is defined, allowing the two of us to set goals. And the result is faster, more evident, growth. Find out more. . .


  • Leadership Team Coaching. We work with school leadership teams to help them engage effectively. We customize coaching for each situation, helping them find a unity of purpose and a plan of action. Teams practice interpersonal skills, resulting in strong and effective communication skills. Teams become accountable. For more information. . .


  • New Leader Onboarding. A lot is expected of a new leader. Even when utterly capable, the stress can cause even the best leader to falter. Our coaching defines a plan of action. We work to create and ensure early wins – which build confidence and accelerate transition and learning. Read more. . .